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Scandinavian Baby; Nordic baby decor; Geometric wedding centerpiece; Himmeli bebe


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Baby mobile; Nordic nursery; Geometric wedding centerpiece; Himmeli bebe
 wedding_centerpiece; Scandinavian_decor; nursery_mobile
 Nordic_Nursery; nordic_baby_decor; mobile_bebe
 himmeli_mobile; himmeli; geometric_decor
Baby mobile; Nordic nursery; Geometric wedding centerpiece; Himmeli bebe
detail of brass himmeli baby mobile
This Scandinavian baby mobile is made out of five diamond shapes. It's a piece of Nordic decor that will add a cool touch of mystery to your nursery or any other (indoor) space. Alternatively, it can function as a striking geometric centerpiece at your (wedding) party; especially when you combine it with flowers or air plants.

- width:  37 cm (14.6 inches)
- height: 39 cm (15.4 inches)

Made with:
- 2,5mm (0.1 inch) thick brass tubes
- nylon thread

Inspired by the primordial diamond shape, this piece of art is based on a traditional Nordic craft called 'himmeli' (a term alluding to the heavens). The shape can be suspended in any place or space that calls for quietness, beauty and a little realignment with the hidden fabric of this universe

Can be hung from most ceilings using the included see-through, self adhesive hooks. When installed and removed properly, the hooks won't leave marks.

The brass tubes can develop a patina over time; if you're a lover of sparkly, shiny brass, you can maintain that lustre through applying common brass cleaning techniques.
As these are art pieces, always handle them with care.

Made to order. Larger or different shapes/more elaborate versions possible. Contact me to make a custom order!