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Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit


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Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit
Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit
Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit
Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit
Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit
Preserved Moss Terrarium Kit

Maintenance free Geometric Moss Terrarium Kit with Preserved Moss


Want to enjoy the calming influence of nature indoors, but lacking the green finger gene? This terrarium comprises of all natural elements, but requires ZERO maintenance as it uses carefully preserved moss instead of live moss. 


This terrarium is super easy to assemble and comes with clear and simple instructions. The kit contains:


- one crystal shaped glass terrarium (available in 7.5, 10 and 16 inches); please choose size from the drop down menu)

- real preserved moss

- pressed ferns

- carefully selected slate rocks to form your rock formations

- black sand to mimic earth

- pea gravel

- an optional brass buddha figurine (SOLD OUT! please inquire for pre order options)

- simple and clear manual for assembling these elements in minutes.



This piece of preserved moss art brings the benefits of nature into your urban dwellings by forming a small landscape or 'zen garden' indoors. All the elements in this  ‘zenterpiece’ come straight from nature and are beautifully preserved so that they don’t need ANY care or maintenance. If you place them out of direct sunlight, they will last for years.


As these moss terrariums are made out of natural elements, each assembled kit will look slightly different but all elements are carefully selected for you to very easily put together in the style depicted.


This beautiful miniature moss garden 'mimics nature with nature’ in its most balanced and spontaneous form.  It brings tranquility to your space and helps soften the edges of our urban environment and busy lives.



Available Sizes:


- Small: 7.48 inch (19 cm) - sold out; inquire for pre order

- Large: 10 inch (25 cm) - as depicted in photo's

- Huge: 16 inch (40.5 cm) - sold out;  inquire for pre order